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Creates a "Habitat of Harmony"

The Squirrel Defense Initiative (SDI) 

Squirrel-Proof and Harmless:   Squirrels have long been a costly source of frustration for those of us who want to feed and nurture bird life. For years, people have watched squirrels destroy feeders, outwit every squirrel-proof contraption and gorge themselves on food intended for birds. The Squirrel-Off Solar Powered Feeder is the ultimate high-tech, yet harmless defense. Winner of three "Best New Product" awards, including the Birding Industry Best New Product award in 1998,  the Squirrel-Off Solar Powered Feeder is the only attractive and, we believe, completely squirrel-proof feeder available today. 


Dependable and Effective:   The feeder uses a mild, yet harmless, electric charge that keeps squirrels and other pests off of your feeder.  Birds are not at all affected by the electronics. The squirrels are forced to feed off of seeds birds spill on the ground, leaving your feeder alone. Since the birds will ignore squirrels on the ground, birds will eat from the feeder, the squirrels will forage off the ground, and wild life harmony in the backyard is the result. It is an effective, entertaining and humane way of discouraging squirrels while feeding birds.


Innovative, Advanced Design:  Unlike any other feeder, the Squirrel-Off Solar Powered Feeder uses solar energy to store power needed to generate its electric "surprise."  Solar energy is a dependable, renewable, environmentally friendly source of energy, saving you money on replacement batteries.  Included inside the feeder is a rechargeable battery to make sure that your feeder is ready at all times.  This battery pack does not need to be replaced! You will never have to worry or wonder whether your feeder is working or not.